About Us

Since Coastal Care Services’ conception in September of 2009, our success can be directly contributed to multiple principles and guidelines.  Over 50 years of combined experience working with children and their families sets our staff of 21 apart from all other competitors.  Coastal Care takes pride in working with each individual family to ensure that our needs are met through a team approach and successfully achieve all IFSP objectives.  The company’s services are not only child centered, but each Family Support Coordinator strives to foster a positive relationship among all essential team members to ensure all desired needs of the family are met.  The safety and well being of the families served is paramount and considered in all decision making processes.

 Mission Statement

Coastal Care’s mission is to assist families of children with special needs from birth through three years of age in obtaining knowledge regarding the full range of services available to them including medical, social, educational and other support services.  By providing these options to our families, we assist them in making educated decisions which will facilitate growth opportunities across all domain areas.


Coastal Care’s vision is to ensure the needs and priorities of our families are being addressed by working as a team with them and each provider of service.  Our aim is to be a beacon of light and guidance to each family and child we serve, thereby facilitating optimum progress and growth.